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Hey everyone! In God's providence I will be heading off to Chiba, Japan as a teaching intern for 3 1/2 - 6 months, and will be departing between September and October as soon as my passport comes through and sufficient funds are raised. The organization I'm working with is Missions to the World (MTW). The person in charge of the ministry I'll be serving with is Dan Iverson, Bill Iverson's brother, an elder in my church. Bill Iverson has been instrumental in helping me make connections in Japan and essentially getting the ball rolling on all of this. I'm so grateful!

Many of you know that for a long time my passion has been for Japan and its people, language and culture. It's definitely no secret. For about four years now, I've been focused on learning Japanese in readiness for when God called me to go over there. I had no idea when that would be until I got to know Dan Iverson and his vision for reaching the people of Japan. He told me that the only way to reach them is through building relationships. He also explained the frustrations that many people face when they realize just how slow-going it is to win the Japanese people to Christ. I look forward to having the opportunity to being an ambassador for Christ through my service there.

For almost five years now, I've taught ESL online to people from all around the world through EduFire, which has been one of the best experiences of my life and has helped strengthen my faith in many ways. Developing strong relationships with my students has opened doors for me to share the gospel in some way during each session with my students.

In Japan I will not only be teaching English but also literature and church history. Providentially, I will be using Cornerstone and Sonlight curriculum to teach eighth through twelth grade students; these are the same curriculum sets that I used at those very grade levels! God is amazing in how He works. Aside from teaching, I will have the opportunity during the weekends to do relief work in the parts of Japan that were hit by the infamous earthquake and tsunami. Taking an intensive two-day-a-week course in Japanese should help bump me up to fluency. I can't wait to explore the land as well.

The region of Chiba is on the Eastern side of Japan on the coastline near Tokyo. There the summers are cooler and winters are warmer (summer will never end for me this year!). Please pray, first of all, for the people of Japan; that they would see their need for Christ. Secondly, pray for the safety and protection of everyone working with MTW in Japan. Thirdly, pray for funds to come as I need to raise between $5,000 to 7,500 for 3 1/2 to 6 months stay in Japan. I can still receive donations while in Japan. I'm asking you to prayerfully consider giving to me financially in my service and ministry in Japan.

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